KLARIS from SWITZERLAND is a cosmetic range developed and manufactured by a first-class Swiss Laboratory, in collaboration with COSMEBEL SPRL, both experienced in the requirements of products specially designed for all skin types . 

KLARIS from SWITZERLAND has developed formulas resulting from the latest developments in the treatment of pigmentary imperfections of the skin. 

This very complete line makes it possible to target, with certainty, pigmentary imperfections such as brown spots, freckles; it also prevents photo-aging of the skin and has an interesting anti-inflammatory action.

The objective of KLARIS from SWITZERLAND : 

1. Reduce hyperpigmentation and even out uneven skin tone in skin with darker spots; 

2. Prevent aging and skin damage caused by solar radiation and oxidative stress; 

3. Thanks to high- level production ,  combining 3 essential criteria: SAFETY – QUALITY – EFFICIENCY , 3 criteria very rarely found at the same time with the competition! 

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